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Borror Properties Management is dedicated to helping your community run at its best. It is our belief that a well-managed Homeowners Association is key to providing the best community environment in which to live. Find out what sets us apart and how we can help your Homeowners Association run smoothly and efficiently.

Are you on a Homeowners or Condominium Owners Association Board of Directors? We’ve got your back.

Borror Properties takes the stress of management off your shoulders by keeping track of community dues and quickly responding to maintenance and complaint calls. We complete compliance checks, landscaping touch-ups and neighborhood walkthroughs so you don’t have to. Our professional communications team will ensure all tasks are delegated correctly and completed properly – all within a timely fashion.

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You make the big decisions, and let us manage the day-to-day challenges.

Our Comprehensive Condominium and Homeowners Association Management includes:

  • Dues invoicing and collection
  • Online and credit card payment options
  • Pursuit and recovery of delinquent accounts
  • Financial accounts management
  • Monthly detailed statements of activity
  • Monthly and annual property evaluations
  • Preparation and adherence to budgets
  • Oversight of annual maintenance bidding (three-bid process)
  • Vendor scopes of work, evaluation and troubleshooting
  • Capital improvements evaluation and planning
  • Annual insurance review and recoveries
  • Owner solution center
  • Community website and communication
  • Emergency response as needed

We pride ourselves on our communication with Developers, Boards and Homeowners alike. Along with our attention to detail and follow-up – from prompt, explicit direction to vendors to well-kept community files regarding requests, approvals, and finances to responsiveness to requests — we will:

  1. Keep open communication with the Board and with the members of the community.
  2. Meet with the Board on a quarterly basis, facilitate a spring and a fall property walk, and conduct the annual and budget meetings.
  3. Develop and follow an annual budget based on the Board’s direction.
  4. Provide monthly financial reports to you and your team.
  5. Visit the community for inspection and deed restriction compliance reports.
  6. Coordinate all communication for architectural review applications, documentation, and filing.