September 4, 2014

At Bat for Borror: Meet Dani Sugarman

Growing up in Dublin, Ohio, Dani Sugarman didn’t share her peers’ more typical soccer game, cheerleading and playdate weekends.  Her memories are of Saturdays and Sundays playing hide and seek with her brother, darting across the grounds of property owned or on the radar to become part of her dad’s (Doug Borror), growing development company.  As the family packed into the car and went out to explore land and houses or attend the Parade of Homes, Dani became enamored of beautiful homes and neighborhoods, and while not anticipating a career in the business, now reflects, “I can see it was in my blood from the start.”

After studying human and organizational development at Vanderbilt University, Dani made the requisite millennial generation pilgrimage to NYC, where she spent a year in marketing for Raymond James.   After “enough concrete and clutter”, she returned home and solidified her Buckeye roots by getting her graduate degree at The Ohio State University.  After graduation, she worked for Nationwide Children’s Hospital for two years as a community relations specialist for Healthy Homes, part of the Hospital’s Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families initiative, serving as community liaison, event organizer and marketing arm for the project.  “Through this initiative, Children’s buys and rehabs abandoned, dilapidated, and vacant homes and resells at affordable prices, to encourage home ownership and help revitalize the community.”

The Children’s experience also served as fertile training ground for a property development and management career, and in 2013, Dani joined Borror Properties, on an executive-in-training track designed to introduce her to all facets of the business.  After serving as a regional property manager over the past year, she will soon rotate to the familiar realm of marketing.

“Whether through property management, brokerage services, or real estate development, the Borror Properties Team is an amazing collection of talented and hardworking people dedicated to making this city a better place to live.  I am thrilled not only to be a part of the team but to have the opportunity to engage in every aspect of the business.  Dani & zacMost of all, I look forward to the growth of the company, strongly back the direction it is taking, and am committed to following in the footsteps of my father as a real estate leader and innovator in the Columbus community.”

Married two years ago atop a Colorado mountain, Dani and husband Zac Sugarman live in German Village and share a love of skiing, music festivals and downtown area restaurants (Basi Italia is a favorite).  They are also devoted to animals, serving as  foster “parents” to adoption-ready dogs and being permanent family to two thoroughly beloved rescue dogs!



March 26, 2020

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October 3, 2017

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January 26, 2016

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