Easton Farm

Springboro, Ohio


This 105-acre parcel of land is located on the west side of State Route 741 in the Dayton-suburb of Springboro, Ohio.  The proposed neighborhood, co-developed by BORROR and Dillin, will include commercial space, a multi-family property, walking & bike paths, an independent living community, townhouses for sale, and single family homes.  Easton Farm will be multi-generational – with opportunities to rent a first apartment, buy a first townhouse, build a home for a growing family, live near adult children, and eventually have assisted living nearby for when it is needed.

Easton Farm will feel both urban and suburban, with the walkability of an urban neighborhood and the relaxed feel of a suburban community.  It will have high-quality restaurants and casual places to get a sandwich, dentists offices and insurance agencies close to home, and a place to work out before work.

The central park, linear park, and pocket parks will be outdoor spaces where residents can be active and interact.  The bike trail will connect to the north and south, and travel directly through the neighborhood, bringing the community assets on either side of Easton Farm together.

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Springboro, Ohio


Borror & Dillin