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Doug Borror

With over 40 years of experience, Doug is the visionary behind Borror. A Columbus native, his efforts within Borror and on local boards all aim to advance the community and make it the most desirable place to live.


Lori Steiner

Lori is a valued partner who implements Borror’s vision and drives all daily operations. Having been in the business for almost 30 years, she brings expertise in real estate, architecture, operations and marketing.


Jeff Fontaine

Jeff’s experience in real estate finance and business development ensures solid project and loan structures. His leadership inspires operational collaboration across all divisions, and his relationships with investors, bankers, and related business parties are unsurpassed. His oversight of the development and construction division assures on time and on-budget delivery of a quality product for all parties.

SVP of Management and Development

Dani Sugarman

Dani is a licensed real estate agent who has worked in all facets of the Borror business from property management to marketing. She now oversees all aspects of management, as well as the development of each site.

SVP of Construction

Steve Arnett

Steve utilizes his unique expertise in having been on both the builder and owner's teams to lead Borror Construction. His core responsibilities are in directing the processes and personnel on the office and management staff. Most notably, Steve lends his experience in his focus on preconstruction and relationship management - two vital components of Borror's success.

VP of Borror Senior Living

JL Dowell

JL has extensive experience in all facets of Senior Living from maintenance to operations to reporting. He oversees all Senior Living operations, including occupancy, financial reporting, compliance, budgeting, maintenance and employee relations.

VP of Portfolio Management

Kaileigh Pickett

Using her background in property management and new construction lease-up, Kaileigh directs all apartment operations. She is also responsible for all marketing and branding efforts for BORROR and is involved in the development process for future projects.

Director of Accounting & Finance

Matt Sexton

Matt is a CPA who has over 15 years of experience in accounting. His extensive background in real estate finance and accounting lends itself to the accurate and timely reporting that owners, clients, and customers appreciate.

Canine Executive Officer

Calvin Pickett

As an experienced greeter, Calvin brings energy and positivity to the BORROR office in his role as Canine Executive Officer. He is a team-player who runs to help when called, is willing to fetch whatever you need, and loves to sit in on important meetings.

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