July 21, 2016

Borror Resident Showcase for Get To Know Your Customers Day

At Borror, we are passionate about developing communities. Not just any type of community or apartment complex, we want to build communities that provide safe, comfortable living spaces for every demographic in urban and suburban areas around the Columbus metropolitan area.

Our first “Get to Know our Customers” highlight, showcases two Borror communities, one in the Short North, 40 West, and one in suburban, Dublin, Karric Place. As you will soon discover, both properties feature desirable amenities and locations and both of the highlighted residents have unique reasons for selecting and enjoying their “homes.”

40 West


DARYL and CHARLEEN – Residents since December 2015

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Charleen and I have both lived in downtown Columbus for two years prior to moving into 40 West. Charleen previously lived in an older Italian Village apartment and I lived in the Flats on Vine. Although, both were nice, we felt 40 West had the best value for what our needs were. The amenities fit our lifestyle (the VIP pass discount to Bodega, that we use constantly) and the great casual Victoria Village environment to take walks around or to get in a quick run. We viewed this new experience as a start to a new beginning and could not be any more pleased.

Why did you choose to live with Borror here at 40 West?
Charleen and I chose to live at 40 West because of the perfect combination of brand new construction and the convenience to the Short North at the right price for us. We both previously lived in the heart of the Short North and were ready for a new adventure, with endless possibilities. Borror has been very accommodating to our needs, no matter the request. Also, we were really enthralled with the idea of being exactly in the middle of downtown and OSU campus, which has been perfect when guests visit. As many of you know, the Short North is going under a major renovation only helping to increase the popularity of our location.

40 West

What has been your favorite thing/memory while living at 40West?
My personal favorite part of the apartment is the amazing waves and texture in the ceiling. No matter how my day has been, I always feel calm and relaxed in our apartment. Furthermore, Charleen and I both love the access to popular bars and the close proximity to several local restaurants.

How do we match your lifestyle?
The spacious contemporary design of the apartment along with the added security features complement our on demand lifestyle.

karric place of dublin

CATHERINE – Resident since November 2015

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m very outgoing and love people. I love to swim and ride horses. I love the water and boating. I work in Ministry and am a call center supervisor. I have a grown son and daughter and 4 granddaughters and one grandson.

Why did you choose to live at Karric Place of Dublin?
The beautiful way the place is kept and the friendly staff.

What is your thing or memory about living at Karric?
The kind staff and the peacefulness of the location and beautiful landscaping.

Karric Place of Dublin

How do we match your lifestyle?
It’s a beautiful and quiet place and the amenities are great. It’s perfect for my lifestyle.

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