January 10, 2022

7 Apartment Resolutions to Make in 2022

Have you made any resolutions to start the new year? Perhaps you are going to work on eating a bit healthier, exercising more, or seeking out volunteer opportunities to help you start this coming year on the right foot. 

But have you considered that there are a few resolutions that you can make to help your apartment – and life – run just a bit more smoothly?  We have a few tips that will help you create a more organized home and a more organized life. 

Read on for our 7 apartment resolutions to make in 2022.

1. Do a Deep Clean – As you pack away the holidays and clean up after entertaining, it’s a good time to just keep going and do a deep cleaning of your apartment. Take it room by room, making sure to tackle the rooms that get used the most first. Scrub, vacuum, rinse, and repeat until your apartment looks brand-new again. And perhaps mark your calendar now to do the same thing at the start of each quarter – that’s mid-April, mid-July, and mid-September.

7 Apartment Resolutions to Make in 2022

2. Get Organized – Now that your home is sparkling clean, start organizing it. Particularly if you are spending a bit more time at home, a little organization can make a big difference to your physical space and mental attitude. This will also help with the next resolution on our list…

3. Stay Current – If paperwork and paying bills on time seem to be a challenge for you, simplify the task this year. As you receive each bill every month, put it into a file that is easily accessible and where you won’t forget about it. Better still, opt for paperless billing whenever possible.

4. Make Your Bed – This one might seem simple, but it can make a big difference! It only takes a few minutes and makes your whole bedroom feel neater and cleaner. And chances are if you don’t do it in the morning, you’ll end up straightening it up at night when all you want to do is go to sleep.

7 Apartment Resolutions to Make in 2022

5. Grow Something – You’ll be surprised at the impact that plants and fresh flowers can have on your apartment. Compared to some of the other options, these are among the least expensive makeovers you can bring to a space. Finding the right colors, heights, and arrangements can really complement the existing decor in your rooms. And the right plants can do anything from cleaning the air to providing at-home aromatherapy to lift your mood or help you relax.

7 Apartment Resolutions to Make in 2022

6. Put Away Your Laundry – If you fall into the trap of folding laundry only to get it halfway to its home, make this the year to change that. Start by forgetting your old laundry system. Rather, divide your clothes before they get washed into piles of their final destination rather than their color. Once a destination is washed and dried, fold or hang within an hour to avoid the dreaded wrinkles.

7 Apartment Resolutions to Make in 2022

7. Print Pictures – You know you probably have a camera roll of memories just waiting to be enjoyed, so make this year that you get them off of your phone and in your apartment to enjoy. You don’t have to complete the gallery wall of your dreams but get one step closer by picking a few favorite photos to print. If you want to up your resolution game, create a photo book for yourself or share it with others.

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