September 6, 2016

Must-Have Tools Every Apartment Dweller Needs

Living in an apartment comes with many luxuries, including ease of mind that the property manager handles your major maintenance issues. However, minor maintenance and upkeep of your living space requires more than just scissors and nail clippers in your tool kit. Here are some needed tools to keep your apartment in excellent shape.

Adjustable Wrench a.k.a The Crescent Wrench
An adjustable wrench has one fixed jaw and one adjustable jaw, which will allow you to use it on a wide variety of fastener sizes. The jaws are typically smooth and flat and designed for gripping square and hex nuts, making it the perfect tool to fix that leaky faucet.

Step Stool
A smaller living space means utilizing closets and cabinets to the max. In order to reach those high spaces, you’ll probably find yourself needing a nifty (and easy to store) step stool.

Cordless Power Screw Driver
Tightening screws on your new IKEA bookcase can take a while with the one Phillips-head screwdriver you found in a box you were unpacking. On your first supplies run be sure to pick up a cordless power screwdriver. After your first assembly, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.

A standard bubble level with a measuring scale is necessary when installing shelves. It can also be helpful when hanging mirrors or artwork. Of course, there’s also an app for that, which may be a cheaper, quicker option than a run to the local hardware store.

Needle-nose pliers
Small and delicate tasks like repairing jewelry or gluing tiny pieces of a broken coffee mug will be much easier with the aide of a pair of these pliers. For parents of small children, this tool can also assist when you’re working in tight places such as the inside of a motorized toy or getting melted crayons out of the floor register ducts.

Measuring Tape
A tape measure is a must to add to your tool kit. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll need one for a variety of tasks, from sizing up a room to making sure your pictures are all hung at the same height to selecting the perfect size Smart TV for your living area.

Hot Glue Gun
From mending a broken coffee mug to repairing to installing under cabinet lighting, the possibilities are endless as to the uses for this essential tool.

Craft making, apartment decorating, and basic repairs will be much easier once you have the essentials on hand.


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