October 10, 2017

Downtown Columbus Offers a New Option for Living

The suburbs of Columbus, Ohio are well known for their spacious homes, large yards and various other amenities found outside of town. Many have sought the comforts of “close to downtown” with the security of a safe, suburban community.

However, in recent years, Columbus, Ohio has seen a switch and real estate is booming in the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods such as German, Italian, and Victorian Villages. Many are seeking the urban experience of living within walking distance of restaurants, shops, public transportation, nightlife, and parks. Are you considering renting a home in downtown Columbus? Here are a few benefits to consider.

Happy Hour starts early

Suburbanites know all too well that rush hour in Columbus starts around 3:30pm and traffic is gridlock out of downtown for the next 3 hours (sometimes longer if there is construction anywhere on 270!) While your friends and coworkers are struggling to get on the highway, you will already be sipping your cocktail and ordering a happy hour dinner special at your favorite local restaurant.

Nightlife is buzzing

The vibrant nightlife of downtown Columbus offers a stark contrast to the sleepy suburbs. The many restaurants, theaters, bars and art galleries offer plenty of options to entertain and delight, with events happening nightly right outside your door.

Peaceful Saturday mornings

While the nightlife is buzzing and full of excitement, quiet weekend mornings offer a special treat for neighborhood locals. With the city to yourself, enjoy a jog along the river or rent a bicycle at Bicentennial Park and explore the Arena District or Short North from a different, peaceful perspective.

Easy access to festivals and celebration

Columbus loves to celebrate and many festivals are held in parks located right in the downtown area. People come the suburbs as well as from across the state to partake in the art, music and food that only Columbus can offer. Parking and traffic can be difficult for those commuting into the city, but when you live downtown, these experiences are just an easy walk right out your door.

Simple luxury

Renovated homes, updated townhouses, brand new apartment buildings-all are available in downtown Columbus. Renovations and new builds provide updated luxury to historic buildings with most options offering granite countertops, beautiful hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances, not to mention the gorgeous views from the high-rise.

Ample free time

Urban living is often synonymous with smaller living spaces and yards. Which means you can spend less time cleaning and doing yard work and more time exploring and shopping the many boutiques and restaurants that are all within walking distance from your home.

Borror has long known the benefits of living in such a vibrant, diverse urban area and offers living options that cater to those who long to live, work and play downtown. Are you ready to make the move?


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