July 2, 2018

Urban Living Apartment Trends

More and more people are being drawn to the idea of an urban lifestyle, especially Millennials who are looking for walkable neighborhoods and a rental apartment with luxury amenities.

“Most of the people who walk in our door are looking for a life within walking distance,” says Kaileigh Steiner, Regional Property Manager for Borror. “They are willing to pay more for a luxury lifestyle and prime location. Residents love our granite countertops, wood floors and stainless-steel appliances in their brand new home. On-site parking is also a must, as we are seeing a trend of people who work outside the city but want to live downtown in the heart of it all.”

Here are a few urban living apartment trends we’re seeing from those adapting to a small-space lifestyle.

Scale Down

Scale down with furniture designed specifically to fit into smaller spaces. Check out lines from retailers West Elm and Pottery Barn targeted toward apartment dwellers. Go for a loveseat and armchairs rather than that sprawling sectional.

Lay Low

Interior designers will often choose low-level sofas or platform beds to help create the illusion of soaring ceilings. As a bonus, this leaves plenty of wall space for artwork or those fantastic skyline views.

Go Clear

Clear furniture options, such as chic Lucite tables and chairs or glass-top dining tables, provide the functionality you need with an airy and open feel that doesn’t overpower a small space. Minimalist Lucite desks and floating shelves are perfect for avoiding visual clutter.   

Murphy Beds

You may know the Murphy bed best from old movies, but this vintage solution for small spaces is coming back in vogue. These days, Murphy beds still fold up to pop out of sight but are much more luxurious than in years past.

Get Creative

When every inch counts, it helps to choose design elements that can double as something more functional. For instance, try hanging a shelf right above the bed to display art as well as function as a nightstand.

High Tech

These days, renters expect their apartment to provide cutting-edge technology including high-speed internet, smart security and customizable entertainment packages. Learn more about the smart apartments at 303, the first “Smart Apartment Community” in Columbus, Ohio!


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