September 1, 2019

Team BORROR is Ready to Tailgate

Company hosts themed tailgate events at each Ohio State Buckeyes home game

The Ohio State Buckeyes kick off the 2019 football season at home this Saturday against the Florida Atlantic Owls, which means the return of Borror’s epic tailgate parties.

Borror’s commitment to investing in the culture and vitality of Columbus extends to its strong support of the city’s sports teams, including the Blue Jackets, the Clippers, the Crew and, of course, the Buckeyes. Events such as the tailgates help foster a tight-knit corporate culture at Borror.

Borror president Lori Steiner coordinates tailgate themes for each home game for Club 44, named after the company’s Ohio Stadium suite number. Steiner is a huge tailgating fan whose license plate reads “TAILG81.”

“The Borror team loves Ohio State football and proudly wears scarlet and gray each and every Saturday while cheering the Buckeyes on to another undefeated season,” Steiner says. “We’re ready for some football and some world-class tailgating. We always have a great time and we don’t miss a single home game.”

For each home game, Club 44 tailgate leaders including the Borrors and the Steiners along with longtime friends the Abrahams and the Turners devise a themed table décor and menu based on that week’s opponent. Along with a themed menu, Club 44 dresses up a stuffed Brutus Buckeye mascot in appropriate apparel. 

Club 44 Tailgate themes for 2019 include:

Aug. 31: Florida Atlantic Owls—“Wasting FA in Margaritaville”

Club 44 will be decked out with a tiki hut and leis while the Borror team sips on margaritas and umbrella drinks and feasts on coconut-crusted shrimp, gator bites and Key lime pie. 

Sept. 7: Cincinnati Bearcats—“Welcome to the Buckeye Jungle. Let’s Skin the ’Cats”

Club 44 will be overrun with trees and the Borror team will wear animal prints, khaki and pith helmets. This week’s menu features Cincinnati treats including Skyline Chili and Graeter’s ice cream.

Sept. 21: Miami University—“Buckeyes are Prepped”

The Borror team will be uniformed in preppy attire—think Vineyard Vines, varsity jackets, tennis whites and popped collars—while sipping pink punch and nibbling on fancy appetizers. 

Oct. 5: Michigan State—“Toga!”

For this night game, the Borror team will channel the movie National Lampoon’s Animal House with plenty of togas and a pig roast by Hoggy’s.

Oct. 26: Wisconsin—“Whiskey and Cheese”

Borror toasts the cheese state with a grilled cheese contest and fondue paired with bourbon chicken and whiskey punch.

Nov. 9: Maryland—“OSU Sails Over Maryland”

Expect plenty of sails and fall sailing attire at this sailing-themed Club 44 tailgate, featuring seafood and Potomac Punch.  

Nov. 23: Penn State—“White Out, Wipe Out”

For the final home game of the season, Club 44 will be decorated all in white. The Borror team will wear all white under twinkling white lights, and will enjoy White Russians, white coffee, white chili, white pork roast, and white mac and cheese, all served on white dishes.


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