October 30, 2017

Simple Steps to Energy Efficient Apartment Living

There are plenty of reasons to love apartment renting. BORROR apartments offer luxury and comfort without the stress of routine home maintenance. When apartments are energy efficient, the savings can add up fast, allowing you more time and money to enjoy living in Downtown Columbus.

Small acts can make a huge impact in your apartment and there are several practical steps to make a greener, more efficient space in your apartment.

1. Switch to LED or CFL light bulbs

While the upfront cost can cause some to hesitate on purchasing these efficient light bulbs, the long-term savings make them well worth the investment. Our newest community 303 features all LED and energy efficient lighting.

2. Reduce cooking time with lids

Lids will trap heat in the pots, maximizing energy flow and decreasing cook time.

3. Invest in a humidifier

Higher humidity levels in the winter are not only beneficial to your skin and overall health, it also helps the air temperature feel warmer as opposed to dry air. The sensation of warmer air allows you to lower the thermostat.

4. Clear the Registers

Make sure your furniture and decorations aren’t blocking the air flow from your registers.

5. Power down electronics

It is good practice to always power down appliances that are not in use; however, some never fully get disconnected. For example, TVs are on standby, waiting to respond to the remote. One way to ensure all devices are powered down is to disconnect power to plug your appliances into power strips and then disconnect power to the entire power strip when not home or at the end of the day.

BORROR apartments offer unique living experiences in Downtown Columbus and the Short North. Combining luxury living with these eco-friendly, energy efficient tips makes apartment living an easy choice. Ready to explore the perks of apartment living in Columbus? Let us help you get started.


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