January 17, 2020

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Roommate (And How To Be A Good One)

Even if you have your heart set on finding the Monica to your Rachel – a roomie who can also be your best friend and confidant – that may not be realistic says U.S. News. While renting a studio apartment sounds ideal, adding a roommate to a two bedroom apartment is great for splitting bills and rent. But unlike a breakup, if things go sour in a roommate-ship, you’re probably in for some trying times.

Use the following tips to not only find the perfect roommate, but to make you a better one:

Look outside your friend group

  • While you probably spend most of your free time drinking margaritas with your best friend, it doesn’t mean you are compatible to live together. Find a roommate outside of your friend circles through social media. Although, it may seem weird or scary to invite a stranger to live with you, you could possibly end up with a new friend – and if things get rough, you haven’t lost a good friend either.

Clear cleanliness habits

  • Cleanliness can cause a big frustration between roommates when one person’s ‘clean’ is another’s insanity. Establish cleaning expectations as to how you prefer your space. After a long day at work, no one wants to clean for two. Consider creating a chores list or setting a few boundaries, such as what denotes a personal or shared space. How are those to be kept on a daily basis? It’s best if you clarify your personal habits so your roommate knows what to expect prior to signing. 

Daily routines and weekend lifestyles

  • What is your routine like during the week? On the weekends, do you like to grab a drink at the newest spot in town or prefer to hangout at home with a few close friends? Our daily routines and weekend lifestyles are important to how we live. These questions will help you align a roommate who has similar habits and interests. No matter the square footage of an apartment, it is easy to feel on top of one another’s personal space when both roommates are home.

Establish budgets

  • You’re most likely looking for a roommate to save some cash. When deciding on a roommate, make sure you’re looking for someone with a similar budget. Although it’s never easy to talk about money, having an honest conversation regarding your budget for rent, utilities and even the furniture you may need to purchase is crucial. Discuss who will be providing furniture, buying new pieces and the possibility of splitting the expenses. Be upfront about your budget to avoid any uncomfortable miscommunications. 

Ask the right (sometimes tough) questions

Apartments.com suggests asking these questions during your meet up:

  • The person’s work schedule
  • Whether he or she drinks, smoke cigarettes, or uses drugs
  • How often he or she likes to host guests
  • How loudly he or she likes to play music
  • How much TV he or she watches in common spaces
  • Whether he or she minds sharing household items
  • Whether he or she has a good credit rating
  • Whether he or she has any health concerns you should know about

Deciding which person and apartment fits a roommate-ship best is dependent on asking the correct questions. It can be tricky to find a roommate that fits your lifestyle, but with these tips we hope you can avoid ‘living and learning’ what works best.

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